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The best never rest. Let us help you grow your business

Meet Millie, our new AI Chat Bot that will blow your conversions.. through the roof!

She learns your business.

She qualifies leads on Instagram, FB, SMS, Google, and LinkedIn..

Picks up conversations where they left off and books appointments

Calls you when the lead is on the line.

increase Your Sales, create happy customers, and grow your business!

Put an end to business chaos with the all-in-one easy to use sales & Agent marketing CRM.

Generate More Leads, Convert More Customers, and take advantage of our DFY program!

"This is literally a plug and play turn-key system that generates organic leads"!

Plus get access to live and on-demand training to exponentially grow your business with proven tactics.

Yes, I Want Options Pro Marketing for My Business Now!

Take advantage of this LIMITED TIME DFY offer to get Options Pro Marketing!

Web-based. No installation or download required.

Options Pro Marketing Replaces ALL OF THIS!


Do NOT pay another monthly subscription for a CRM, Website, calendar service, survey tool, or sales funnel builder until you check out Options Pro Marketing! OPM Replaces all of these.

Here are the CORE FEATURES you'll receive with your CRM Account

High Converting Newsletters for Leads & Customers

Create Beautiful Email Newsletters to Promote an Event, Offer, or Product with Our Easy Drag and Drop Editor.

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Plug-n-Play Follow-Up & Lead Nurturing Drips

Create Easy Follow Up Nurturing and Drips to Send Out Emails, Text and Even Automated Voicemails to your Leads and Customers.

Visual CRM Sales Pipeline

Drag and Drop leads & clients in one place. Our CRM Captures Leads, Adds Them to your pipeline, and visualizes your revenue!

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Appointment Scheduling

Book appointments manually or automatically on your website or with your special link, with built-in appointment reminders!

Contact Manager

manage all your Contacts, Leads, and prospects in one place! see last activity, and call, text, email, and set appointments in one easy spot.

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Power Dialer

Call your leads and customers directly from OPM! get your calls recorded and keep track of conversations.

Manage Ad Campaigns

Integrate your Facebook and Google Marketing campaigns directly into the platform for easy lead migration and reporting.

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Manage Reviews

Request, Manage & Respond to All Your Facebook and google Reviews in One Place on Your dashboard.

OpenAI / ChatGPT >>>>>>

built into the most productive Platform the real estate industry has ever seen, OpenAI and ChatGPT are resident to all levels of subscribership. No fees to pay, no APIs to integrate, no prompts to write. It's all done for you with hundreds of built in prompts. Want a to write an email newsletter, just tell it kind, want an email Campaign, sure why not? How about writing a book? or a Copy for a Real Estate listing? or copy for a facebook ad? or a tweet, or marketing materials, or... well you get it... OPM AI is preset to do everything for you. No prompts required.

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Yes, I Want Options Pro Marketing for My Business Now!

Web-based. No installation or download required.

FREE Activation Bonus!

When You Activate Your Account You Will Get FREE

Access to the digital version of the "How to Fire Your Landlord and Buy Your Own Home" ORGANIC LEAD GENERATION SYSTEM and PLAYBOOK that Chris uses to generate 100's of lead per year for ready, willing, and interested buyers. You also get full Scripts, Training, Live Calls & More!  This is what makes Options Pro Marketing "Tick".

Step #1

Give Away Your Book

Use the PROVIDED DFY social media tools to give away copies of your digital version of the "How to fire your landlord and buy your own home" book.

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Step #2

The Fire Your Landlord Brand

Gain instant authority and recognition by aligning with the Fire Your Landlord® Brand. As a member you'll have access and usage rights to all Trademarked Fire Your Landlord® brand collateral in any and all media. Web graphics, book graphics, Social media graphics, meme Library, Video Library, printed materials, and Presentation decks. It's yours as long as you are a member in good standing.

Step #3

Educate & Entertain

OPM and the DFY Fire Your Landlord book do all the heavy lifting and educate your prospect by providing them much needed answers to their Questions. The book not only educates but it also entertains the users with DFY Videos that keep them coming back for more.

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Step #4


Once opted-in, the consumer receives DFY automated nurture emails, and sMS text messages with built in qualifying surveys.

Step #5


DFY automation gauges the interest of each prospect so you don't waste your time chasing people who aren't interested.

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Step #6

Communicate & Convert

Communicate and convert your clients & Prospects with our Bomb Bomb Killer and send Video emails directly FROM THE CRM!

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You Are Not Alone!

4 Layers Of Support To Help You Build Your Ultimate

Real Estate and Mortgage Sales Machine...

Total support

You can chat online or submit a support ticket anytime, from right inside your account and one of our US-Based support specialists can assist you. 

Video Tutorials

You'll get access to an ever-growing library of training videos and walkthrough tutorials in OPM Learning Center.

 Private Members Portal

As soon as you activate your license, you will be sent a login to the private members portal where you will activate your Dashboard, begin your set up, and get access to training and support.

Private Weekly Webinar

You'll get access to the Funnel Friday Live Webinar for ongoing support and training. It's a great place to get a fast response and see how fellow users are building their Sales Pipelines.

New Member Fast Start Training Included!

After you activate your account to Options Pro Marketing, you will get immediate access to the New Member Fast Start Training and Orientation Videos that will walk you through the entire Dashboard QUICKLY.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Is It Easy To Get The System Working?

Absolutely! With our DFY Program, we do everything for you. From phone numbers to email, nurture campaigns to chat bots. We build it all.

Are there any Hidden Fees?

No! There are no hidden fees. Your account is ready to go right out of the gate with the provided (FREE) monthly 1,500 emails and 100 SMS messages. There are some additional usage fees for sending texts and emails beyond that however that we have to pass along though. These charges are separate and are fractions of a penny per call and text. Don't worry though, you can avoid paying any of these fees by connecting to your own telephony account, Gmail or Yahoo mail, or virtually any other SMTP provider.

Do you have a mobile app?

Our mobile Options Pro Marketing App is launching in just a month! You'll be the first to know when it's live.

Is it really just $497?

Yes! Our #1 goal with our platform is to offer an all-in-one platform that doesn't break the bank.

Can my team use the system?

Yes! You will be able to add unlimited members to your team and control admin settings inside the platform.

Can I Integrate my Account With Other Platforms?

Yes. We integrate directly with Facebook, Google, TikTok, Quickbooks, Clio, Shopify, Stripe and also with Zapier which integrates with most online platforms and software. Some business owners integrate our system with their current CRM's and some manage their entire business with OPM.

Join The Options Pro Agent Revolution

"I have used different marketing automation platforms and OPM is now the best one I can recommend."

James Wotring - EXP

"A very powerful software that helps me save time, automate processes, scale the business, and generate leads organically."

Jeanette Tapia - ReMAX

"Just the follow-up nurture sequences from OPM are worth the price. They saved me hundreds of hours by not having to write them myself."

Nick Cardenas - Century 21

"Best Marketing Automation platform PERIOD. Zhacking and Frendifier alone are amazing and that's not even the main platform!"

Scott Stacy - American Financial Network

"The system and campaigns are so simple & easy to create... It's unbelievable. I'm using OPM for my whole staff."

Sirilo Ortiz - SAS Movement

"This is a tool that I am confident will work every time. Just the organic lead generation tools and my Fire Your Landlord book are incredible."

Evelyn Santiago-Blanks

Take advantage of this LIMITED TIME offer for only $197/Month.

This offer is too good to refuse!

Web-based. No installation or download required.

Bonus: Lifetime Access
Realtor Resource Portal™
FREE TODAY when you sign up! Get lifetime access to our Realtor Resource Portal that features:

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